Maximize your compute capabilities and your ROI.

Share excess computing with the world.

Become the data center of the future. Build the best solution for your company’s compute problems, and leverage that investment when you join the Ontropos network.


Ontropos technology makes it simple for your company to maximize the ROI for your computing investment. With Ontropos, monetizing your investment safely and securely has never been easier. Our turn-key solution eliminates the overhead of creating and managing your own shared network.

Ontropos uses patent-pending technology to bring the power of your computing infrastructure to users that are solving some of the toughest computing problems. Our solution makes it possible to share your computing infrastructure with the world on your terms.


Trade Compute

The Ontropos network allows you to trade computing capacity for non monetary value and to fund additional technology or cloud resources to support your business activity.

Increase Revenue

Ontropos provides a turn key solutions to share your computing resources with the world. Unlock the latent potential of your data center.

Invest for Growth

With consistent workloads from the Ontropos Network, your data center can continue to invest in developing a world class computing resource.

Go Green

Maximize your available computing cycles and reduce waste. Leverage your overhead across a larger number of workloads.

Become a Provider